Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Daily Bread Designs Sentiments Collection 2

This card is full of color! 

I started by cutting squares in the colors of a rainbow (1 1/16th inch squares) and I arranged them on the card.  I used Aleene's Tacky Glue as the adhesive because using an ATG on these squares means the needle will drag through the holes when stitching, picking up tape adhesive along the way and slowing down the stitching tacky glue is better and works when using heavy card stock.

 *However, remember to press your card while it is drying (before stitching) by putting it under something heavy or it will be bumpy.  I have a huge hard-back cook book for this process (because who has time to cook when there are cards to be made?)

After using my favorite piercing tool to poke holes around every square, I stitched around the card with several Omega brand thread of variegated primary colors (sorry I do not have a name for the color since it was gifted to me by another crafter from her stash) and two DMC threads to get the deep purple and the green. 

Then I used this fabulous rubber stamp sentiment from Our Daily Bread Designs Sentiments Collection 2 and you can find it here:

When I was inking the stamp I carefully used rainbow colors starting in the middle with the yellow and building on each side, going down with the green, blue, and purple, and going up with the orange and red. There probably is an ink pad out there that would work for this (please leave me a link in the comments if you know of one!) Thank you!

This patchwork card design is the one I make whenever my scrap pile is getting too large, or whenever my "Mojo" is missing. I don't have to think when making this kind of card and I enjoy seeing what kinds of colors and patterns of paper I can use together.



  1. Wow! That was my first thought when I saw all of that stitching. You did a wonderful job in choosing colors to go so well with your sentiment.