Friday, August 2, 2013

Having a little craft-distraction!

Does this ever happen to you? You know, when you have so many craft projects going on at the same time that you get a little.....distracted from things like housework? That is where I am right now. Besides my usual obsession with creating cards for Operation Write Home and trying to keep those scrap books up to date, now some other crafty things are on my work desk.

I saw a You Tube video from "The Frugal Crafter" on how to make these "Monkey Fist Knots" and I had to try it. We all ready had the para-cord needed from an unused kit given to my daughter. And I raided a decorative vase for the marbles. 10 minutes later I had these!

And then there is my "Beanie making" project. A group I belong to collects things for homeless veteran's and this is one of the only things I know how to crochet.  

Ok, then there is this "SWAP" craft I am doing for a Girl Scout event using recycled materials.  I saved all those ATG tape plastic centers (the thing left when the tape runs out) and also some plastic rings off of Vita-Water Plastic bottles to create these.  You save up thread scraps and tie them all together, trim the ends if you like and then wrap the plastic rings with it.  Add a little cording to make a necklace. 

And I have had these little Trefoil shaped wood pieces for years. I don't think they make them any more. I want to use them up so decided to try my hand at wood burning so I can add them to the SWAPs above.  Every marker I had tried to use to write on them would bleed into the wood grain, so a wood burning tool was the answer. 

Yes, there is more....the loom thing my daughter and I created in an effort to interest her in "creating" something.  And there is at least one project on knitting needles here somewhere, and another project on an embroidery hoop, and a couple of containers saved from the recycle bin with awesome lids that would be great little storage containers with decoupaged images on them......and on it goes. 

Maybe it is just me........



  1. Awesome! your knots turned out great! I love the wooden pieces and the recycled rings too! Swaps are so much fun! We took out girtl scout troop to Santa's Village in NH for the weekend and had a ball! When I got home hubby had bought me a new skein of multi colored paracord. My sons cub scout leader asked me if I could teach the boys to make a knife pouch with paracord too. You can do so much with the stuff!

    1. I re-watched your video Lindsay so many times to get the knots to work, I was trying to use a three foot piece and it was impossible (but the color my daughter loved.)

      I get so much inspiration from your videos, thank you Lindsay! :)

    2. A knife pouch from parachord, now that sounds interesting. Seems like there is always so much to do for scout troops.