Friday, January 29, 2016

Patchwork Greeting Cards by Melissa T.

Hello everyone!

I had so many scraps after months of crafting that it was time for a whole 
new batch of patchwork cards. 

First, I gathered up all of the papers I thought looked good together. 
Then I cut them down to 1 1/16" squares. 

Arrange them onto card stock with tacky glue (not ATG for these, ATG makes the needle drag through the holes while stitching.) I was able to make 19 cards with these scraps. 

Here are some of the finished cards all packaged up 
with envelopes for sale at a little holiday boutique. 

This last card was my favorite because I was able to add a bit of hand-crocheted trim 
made by my mother, Jean Ness.  

I colored the thread I used to stitch around these cards so that it would match perfectly. It is Omega Cotton Pearl thread in white and I used Spectrum Noir markers to make my own variegated thread. 

To color your own thread just wrap a large amount around a tube of your choice and color (a piece of plumbing conduit pipe works great for this.)  Or if possible, leave it on the spool and color it directly (I am able to leave mine on the Omega spool.) 

Thank you for stopping by!

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